What influences your reading?  How do you decide which books to buy and which to borrow from the library?  What makes you want to buy or borrow a book?  Does advertising matter?  Reviews?  Where do you find reviews?  What makes you want to run out and buy a copy? 

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There are about 25 favorite authors who seem to write a book each year, so I read those for sure. When I discover an established author, I'll go back and read their books in publication order. At the end of each Kindle book, there are suggested titles. I'll Google them and look their first book or two on Amazon. Oddly, the most useful reviews are the ones which pan a book. My favorite genre is the police procedural. I follow this webpage and Goodreads. I read books that I. J. Parker likes.

Like most people, I tend to stick with names I know.  That said, once a month I try to find a novel by a writer previously unknown to me.  That way, I widen my list and get to discover some great new talent.

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