Hi, all.  I have a fiction blog(fiveaweekfiction.blogspot.com) where I post content every weekday.  I am currently writing a crime thriller where I have over 20 "installments" already completed.  I have moved the archive closer to the top of the page so new readers can easily access previous installments.  I also make sure the posts are short, so that they are not overwhelming.  However, I am still concerned that daily serialization might be too much for the first-time visitor to my blog. 


Personally, I love this format, but I am not sure it is the best for gaining new readers.  I would still like to continue posting content daily, so I have tentatively decided to do shorter, episodic stories featuring the same characters.  Long time readers can appreciate the development of character, while new readers don't have to "catch up" with all that has gone on before to understand the current story.   Hopefully. 


I am interested in your thoughts and welcome any ideas on how to improve my site.

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Ask for feedback from your readers on your blog. Maybe include a poll. 

I plan on it once I get closer to finishing the current story.
Look at Dickens.  You have to have a good story in each segment, plus you'll have start with an attention getter and end with a cliffhanger.

I try to have a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter.  Of course those cliffhangers mean less if you have not read the previous segments and are not invested in the characters.  That brings me to something else I was thinking about -Should I provide backstory at the beginning of the segments?  My desire as the self-important writer is that people read the whole thing, but maybe some backstory might help.  

Why not have a very brief synopsis at the beginning?  No more than a paragraph. Don't try to summarise all that went before.


What's a self-important writer?  :)

Good idea.  Thanks!

I'm barely qualified to comment on this, since I let my serial lapse, but  a couple of things I learned were to shape episodes (start right in on the action or pointed quote, end on a "continuing" note) and watch length.  I try to keep episodes under 2000 words, 3000 outside.  People are reading this on their screens, and there's a limit to what they'll sit still for.


Also, is your serial registered on Web Fiction Guide?  That's where you get the readers and recognition and reviews for this sort of thing.

Thanks for your suggestions Cammy!  I don't think any of my episodes are over 1000 words.  I just registered on Web Fiction Guide.


If you don't mind me asking, why did you let you serial lapse?

Ah'm a flibbertigibbet
I don't know what that word means exactly, but I'm going to start using it wherever I can.


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