Just picked up an eBook copy of John Locke's How I Sold 1 Million eBooks In 5 Months! and can't put it down. For those of you considering self-publishing venues, this a good common-sense approach to developing a business plan for your career. I know John's frank approach to self-publishing is going to rankle some in the mainstream publishing industry, but he is not writing for those individuals. He is writing to authors, for authors.


I am only about half-way through, but he has given me much to think about in my own writing career. I did something I rarely do. After buying the eBook, I went ahead and bought the print copy for my shelf.


Just wanted to pass this information on to those who might be struggling. Just another tool to slip into your arsenal.

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Dan: I don't think he's interested ... which he makes pretty clear in his book about taking on more than what he does right now. But ... you could ask.


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