I've had stories with Alfred Hitchcock & The Strand for over 4 months now.  How long to wait?  Do I do a follow up letter or just submit elsewhere?  Ellery Queen has rejected 4 stories in the same time.  I don't recall responses taking this long many years ago when I used to submit.  Thanks.  Jed  

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Very true, Miriam.
But I do have to issue a correction. Over the holidays I checked my records and found the two stories I have out at AHMM are only now reaching six months. (Must just have felt longer :) ) Anyway, as I've said before, I'm not hanging onto these stories waiting with baited breath for them to come back. Besides AHMM and EQMM there really no viable short story markets for spec. written crime fiction, so nowhere to send them afterward. So, while I wait, I'll just continue working on other projects and if they ultimately get rejected, I'll publish them through my publishing company Dark Road Publishing.
End of the day, its all good.
David DeLee
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