How Many Crime Fiction Writers Have Actually Committed a Crime?

You don't necessarily have to say "yes" or "no." But what does a "yes" or "no" mean? Better or worse for the writing?

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Aside from the usual stuff--speeding, betting on sports, smoking weed, transsexual hookers--I've led an exemplary life. But I contemplate murder down to the grisly details every time we have a departmental meeting.
Just try to stay away from the dildo room, Jon.
Good lord, Jude--why would I want to do that?
You know. . . you gotta watch college professors. They's so damn interesting!
Agenda, ashmenda, lets just ramble for 45 minutes about how things used to be. Please pass the forty five.
TOO FUNNY -- I think I'll schedule a coffee & donuts meeting for tomorrow to discuss, er, teambuilding, yeah, that's it! Sprinkles, anyone?
While I've never committed any crimes, at least none that I'll cop to, I was almost killed by Italian police once, but I understand that's just part of the tourism experience.
What's even more interesting is the number of writers who have been cops and/or district attorneys. And I agree with Jack. . . just what are the statue of limitations on . . . . well, never mind!
Or newspapermen on the crime beat. Myself included.
We have at least one member who is currently incarcerated, though I've not seen him post much here lately... Speaking for myself, I have committed many crimes, but they don't count because I've never gotten caught. What that means about my writing, I dunno. It might not be a bad guess to say one of the reasons I'm attracted to this genre is because of my subterranean criminal nature.
When I was 17, I got pulled over with five other members of a car club. We were squirting girls with water (How romantic), but someone told The LA County Sheriffs we had guns in the car. I was pulled out of the back seat looking down the barrel of what seemed to be a giant revolver, a hole as big as eternity inches from my eyes. I'm sure soldiers and cops have experienced far worse, but it's a feeling I remember if I have a character pointing a weapon at someone. I couldn't breathe.


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