I've been searching online and so far I've seen $250 to $2000. I've decided to write a short piece and send it off somewhere. My novel will take until the spring, and I feel a need to test the water with something shorter.

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Certainly there are magazines that are not "mystery" magazines but publish such stories. I would have to assume that some pay quite well.

As for me, there is a limited market for my stories which tend to be rather violent and push the envelope a good bit. I accept that there is a limited market for those types of stories, so I'm not trying to make a living off mysteries, though I wouldn't turn down the chance.
What's strange is that the violence on television crime shows far exceeds most anything in print. Same for sex, kinky or otherwise. I don't think there would be a problem if there was bigger and more diverse market.
I've never understood this problem some have with EQMM and AHMM. I publish with AHMM and I do exceedingly violent scenes at times. The language is clean though. Not much swearing in Japan.
Do you mean cable or network TV? Chances are the level of on-screen violence on network TV is very close to what's in the magazines.

Cable, of course, is quite different.
Go for it! When I sold my first short story to an anthology (well, "sold" is the right word since I only received royalties), my first check was $15. Second check was less than that. The final check was $.25 and when I took it to the bank, the teller laughed at me and said, "Are you serious?" I said yes indeed. "I want my quarter."

Good luck.
I think I'd be inclined to put that check in a frame and hang it.
It's almost as bad with Amazon Shorts, but there you get a bit of exposure and readers are referred to your other books.
I've published in print anthologies and in Ezines. Not much money but the prestige with some of them offsets getting a lot of money. For instance, I have a second story coming out in Spinetingler in early 2010 and the idea of having a high profile Ezine like that putting my stuff out there is worth more than mere bucks.
Send it to some of the Ezines out there. Not only do you earn fans, but you have a good chance of some of the greats reading your creations, as well as some agents. Feed-back can be invaluable as well!


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