I am in the process of writing my first crime novel. I am just in the brainstorm stages now. Can anyone give me info on how to write a crime scene or steps to follow.


Vixen :-)

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My advice: Go back and re-read the crime scenes from all the crime novels you've read and admired.

Good luck!

Thanks, Eric

If you are an experienced writer, introduce yourself to crime with this great book on writing mysteries vs. writing thrillers. Maybe it'll help you get started. I just heard a big thriller writer say exactly what this lady (Carolyn Wheat) says: thrillers are like adult fairy tales.

If you're new to writing, and I were your coach, I'd tell you to start writing every day. Create a character who is different from yourself. Think of someone that character wants to kill, and then start telling the empty page why he/she deserves to die and how your character is going to do it. Writers write, so get going. :)

Thanks, Jack. :-)

TV shows that re-create homicides, such as Cold Case Files, offer real-life (or re-created) murder scenes.  Check those out.

Thanks, Charles.

I totally agree. It's a KILLER book, great for plotting.

Excellent advice, Jack.  I’ll have to remember this one.

This question came to me while watching TV last night, and commenting to The Beloved Spouse on how a crime scene was filmed. I know nothing about your style or taste, but if you're visually oriented--as I am--pick a few favorite movies or TV shows and pay attention to what the director chooses to show, and how, then think of how you would describe that scene in writing. (You may even want to freeze the film for a better look.) Try a few of those, then when you get your own crime scene in your head, repeat the process. 

For what it's worth.

Thanks, Dana.

Learn from the experts. For example, one blog you might find helpful is Lee Lofland's The Graveyard Shift. He and his friends also host a police academy for writers to learn more about crime scene investigations and police procedures. Look around for experts like this you can tap for information.

Lee Lofland is great and very approachable.  Check out his books!


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