I am in the process of writing my first crime novel. I am just in the brainstorm stages now. Can anyone give me info on how to write a crime scene or steps to follow.


Vixen :-)

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As with characters, main and otherwise, provide enough detail and description to give readers a sense of orientation and perspective. But allow readers to use their imagination. Don't overdo it with extreme detail and description. Try for what a sidewalk artist does: use a few quick brushstrokes to capture the essence.

Might want to check out Elane Ferguson's forensic series. It's about a girl training to be one and the research in the book about crime scenes is amazing. Like I didn't know they use white body bags for crimes, that kind of detail.


Plus the stories are amazing as well.

Thanks :-)

If you're going to do it, do it right. Head to the local courthouse and read actual case files. Study the evidence, and how it's gathered. Attend trials. Talk to cops and lawyers. Basic leg work, in other words.

The problem with too many stories these days is that a lot of people just lift their stories from TV or other novels, without considering whether those writers even know what they're talking about. My new novel stars a crime reporter, something for which I have compiled years of field experience. I have been to many crime scenes, and I've interviewed cops, prosecutors and defense attorneys many, many times.

Learning from other writers goes only so far. You have to get your hands dirty to get readers to believe you.


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