I'm writing a column for PopSyndicate on Childrens' Literature, past, present and future.  I'd like the perspective of someone currently involved in their profession, teaching children ages 10-15.  I have six quick and easy online questions (open-book, no right and wrong answers, no deductions for spelling errors) 


Let me know if you can help.  I need your responses returned by Friday.  Your insights will appear in my April column along with a librarian's and the Children's Editor from Orca Publishing.


Two previous contacts have failed to follow through with me, which is why the timeline is so short.  My other interviewees, though, had their answers back to me the day after they got them, so, really, folks, I promise, this is not difficult or time consuming.


Thank you.


Eileen Schuh, Canadian Author


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I'd like to see your column. I was a big fan of Freddy the Pig, a series by Walter Brooks, and the power of those books was incredible --- I found myself searching them out and reading them to my daughter almost a half century later. Great stories about friendship and teamwork, solving problems. If you like talking animals.


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