Hi Guys:

If you've read my previous posts, you'll know I'm a huge James Ellroy fan. You'll also have noticed that I've been disappointed by Ellroy's recent work. 

Anyway, I've discovered a new author who takes a lot from Ellroy, but whose work I've enjoyed it FAR more than Ellroy's recent output. I recommend checking it out (!) and if you do so, you'll be helping a new author who really needs all the readers (and all the publicity) he can get. To that end, please review the books on Amazon if you read them.

The author is Iain Ryan and he has two novels. They are both at the really dark, twisted end of the noir spectrum!

(1) Four Days is actually to James "Lee Earl" Ellroy:


(2) Ryan's newest release, Drainland, is on sale for just $0.99 for a short time only. And according to his newsletter he will supply free promo copies to anyone willing to write reviews.


There is also a novella out there called Two Days. The author's webside is: http://www.iainryan.com

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