Any thoughts on a good place to hide a body?


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A mine shaft?  Abandoned mine, of course.  The ocean?  Under a building site where concrete will be poured?  Among bodies shipped to medical schools for teaching puposes?

In a grave. Under the previously scheduled coffin.

Nice.  I especially like the idea of hiding a body morgue or medical school!  Plain sight!

Ooooo, good one.  And you could have a lot of fun with it, as well.

In the wall. Under the floor if it's one of those hardwood ones with planks you can move.

The ocean or the desert are always good. In a junkyard or garbage dump. In the woods. In your neighbor's garage. Never on your own property.

On a beach (after dissolving the corpse in sulfuric acid for two days) disguised as sand.

In a piano ... sell it on eBay, then move house.

In a storage facility, rented under an assumed name. Possibly packed in ice in a freezer if you want to avoid the smell.

Buried in the ground near a sewage works - let the smell hide the smell.

Go into the woods, climb a tree, drop a block and tackle, then haul the body up in a net and leave it up there.

Break into an abandoned house, or one with a For Sale sign outside, and leave it in the attic.

In a dumpster behind KFC ... no one will smell it. (Is that libelous? :-) )

Something you want to confess, Mr Warner?

Confess?  Never!  I've seen enough episodes of Bones to know the usual places to hide a body, and a few unusual.  But as I'm outlining my next story, I feel like there isn't much undiscovered turf.  There's got to be someplace new, clever and shocking still out there.  Surely the collective minds of Crimespace, the body-hiding professionals (on paper), must have some insight!

Oh, we save those ideas for our own work. You're getting the b list, bub. :)



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