Any thoughts on a good place to hide a body?


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Lock inside a Port A Potty,  lock it from inside.  Delay anybody noticing the smell.

Inside another body--a very large one.

In a parallel universe (wherein you really f*ck over your own doppelganger).

Haha!  Great ideas.  Though, I think the best place is a bookstore.  No one would ever find a body there!

Is that a comment on slow sales for crime novels?

No.  It's a comment on the trend toward e-books and the recent closure of Borders and many other bookstores.  While I am guilty of e-reading, too, I do miss being able to walk two blocks to my local Borders to browse.

Actually that's what I thought.

Local news wins!  A death row inmate agrees to divulge the burial site of his victims from 1984 in exchange for $33,000.00.  Two bodies were found in the bottom of a well.

Post-mortem blackmail?   Who is supposed to pay the money, the state or the victims' families?

Lol.  The article said the money was paid to the inmate by a bounty hunter.  I suspect there was a reward for the missing persons or the money was fronted by the victims' families.  While absolutely horrific, the details are intriguing. 

Sounds like a great plot premise for somebody.  

How about taking the stuffing out of an old mattress, stuff the body inside, restuff the mattress, sew it up and haul it off to a dump site, or maybe sell it at a friends auction.


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