I've been blogging seriously since last May, and I've begun featuring guest bloggers relatively recently. Lots of issues and questions arise - here are a few I'm mulling over:

  • Do I accept anyone and everyone who'd like to guest on my blog? (So far I've had an open-door policy. I wouldn't accept anyone whose writing or subject matter was truly offensive, but that hasn't happened yet.)
  • Do I invite people who write entertaining blogs but whose books may be mediocre? Does the fact that I'm hosting them imply I'm endorsing their work? (So far, I've praised people's writing if I'm familiar with it and think they deserve it, and just skirted around the issue if I'm dubious.)
  • What if someone sends me a review copy and I find I really dislike it?

Lastly, a hint for those who'd like to be my guests: you'll have the best chance if you send me a complete blog post as a word attachment, along with the date(s) you'd like it to run. Endless e-mail exchanges about what subjects I'd like, what dates might be possible, etc., are a sure turn-off - they're sometimes more time-consuming than processing the post itself.


Where do you stand on these issues? What are your policies for guests? Any suggestions? And if you'd like to be my guest, please stop by my blog, then e-mail me at julielomoe@nycap.rr.com. Thanks!


Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso

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I accept anyone who can write a decent blog posts but my blog has rules. First it's all got to be PG because I do have some guests who write erotic romance. Second all posts have to be on my blog's theme which is writing (except in Oct when we accept posts on preventing Domestic Violence) and last but not least, all posts must be sent to me at least 3 days before they are scheduled--longer if the writer wants me to promote the darn thing in my side bar and Twitter.
I LIKE blog guests. I make no representation that I've read all their books--life is short. But I learn from them and we all have fun.


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