This is a comment posted on my story in Gloom cupboard:




It’s tough when Word 2007 can’t catch your horrendous grammar, eh? I suppose you’re the teacher’s pet anyway since you can write so passionately about such dark territory as track marks and roofies (that’s a word you can use instead of Rohypnol for a second time, did you know?).

A+ for the depiction of a drug addled assassin fantasy.

F- for a complete tense, grammar and narrative clusterfuck.



This comment sounds bitter and personal, but in the name of “no censorship”, it will post. If you read prior issues, you’ll note that many of our stories have a unique voice, often using run-on sentences, poor grammar, lack of punctuation, or repetition as a means of setting a tone or pace. We work with writers to edit obvious flaws, but there’s a point where the author’s voice needs to be heard. We find this type of writing refreshing. This issue was meant to be Noir, which is cynical and sometimes considered cheesy by those who don’t appreciate good Noir. Someone always dies in Noir and the reader always sees it coming; the journey to death is the adventure.




Ok, so I made a few mistakes. The majority were deliberate, although some weren't (this was pointed out before the story was published and they were corrected). Still - it's a little harsh, right? That story involved drugging a girl, practically raping her and then blackmailing her afterwards and this guy is getting his knickers in a twist over run-on sentences?


This was my first published work and this is the only comment I've received. Is this all I can look forward to?

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I'm weighing on this only because I just did a presentation at a local school's career day. Imagine my amazement when these middle schoolers complained about poorly written Facebook pages. They bemoaned their own lack of knowledge about our language and its structure. They want to write well and they want to be understood. They see grammar as one of the tools to accomplish those goals.
Yes, and sadly neither schools not universities teach grammar any longer. The other way to understanding grammar is to take a foreign language, preferably Latin. That works wonders.


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