... lives also as a writer in the virtual world (Second Life)?

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What does the term 'second life' mean?
Second Life is an online virtual reality community/role-playing game that's especially big in Europe. People get very deeply involved in it, evidently.
Jon knows everything. But that makes me think that U.S. interest won't match that in Germany.
No second life for me. I'm a World of Warcraft/Eve Online nerd.
Second life? I can scarcely manage a first one!
Thank you, for your replies. Yes, Second Life is a virtual world, a 3 D-Chat from LindenLab in San Francisco. The most people, who are there, are from America. ;-) They have 12 Milllion Users, and dayly are 40.000 - 50.000 people worldwide online. It's funny for me as crimewriter, because I can switch with my protagonists from the real world to the second one, and back. I*m the first crime-writer, who has done this in Germany, and therefore, I wanted to know, if an american-writer has had also the idea.

best wishes

@ Ingrid, sorry, but till now, I didn't get your confirmation for beeing friends. Is it my fault?
I said earlier that I would be glad to be your friend. Doesn't one do the official thing via one's personal page?

And while we're on this subject: while I'm just about everyone's friend here, what is the purpose of all this "friending" business? Does it accomplish anything in the real world? Isn't it worth a lot more for a person to tell another person (a "virtual" stranger) that they feel friendly toward them than to click a button and get added to a list?
The only real reason for friending someone on Ning is to allow them to send you private messages. Otherwise, I wish the function wasn't even there at all. But I don't have any control over that, so them's the breaks.
I think, the private messages are an important function. Not all I have to tell or to ask, is for the general public and then they are the own way, to ask him or her private.

I appreciate them, but I'll respect it, I.J., if you don't want to accept my friend-request.

best wishes
It is my opinion - and this pertains only to Facebook - that the friend function exists so that people you didn't like to begin with can track you down and annoy you.
Heh. You make a good point, Clay--are we socially obligated to be Facebook friends with all the people we couldn't stand in high school?


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