These people were selling mass market books before I was born. I am hearing from some writers and industry folks that supposedly Dorchester will NO longer sell ANY print books and will begin only selling ebooks. I was trying to check this out but can't find an article or anything on it, confirming.

So does anyone know if this is really true? Not that it wouldn't be hard to believe since MM sales have been suffering for a while but I'd like to know if this is really the case and if someone can direct me to a link where I can read about it, I'd appreciate that.

Best Wishes!

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I have no idea. But since mmp sales "only" fell off 14% in recent months according to a reputable study, I'd guess that the 25% is Dorchester's unique problem. In the article, they cite Wal-Mart's not carrying their titles as a big factor in their decision. Maybe Wal-Mart dropped them because of poor accounting practices on Dorchester's end, or unfulfilled orders, or for any number of other business reasons. (Wal-Mart's reputation as a "my way, or you don't play" entity is pretty well known.)

Again, just speculation on my part, but as far as Dorchester's announcement that they're moving to all e-books because it's the wave of the future goes, well, call me cynical if you want to, but I'm pretty sure I can recognize spin when I read it . . .
And from today's Publisher's Marketplace Lunch report:

"Dorchester Publishing has switched to subsistence mode, though they have tried to sprinkle some digital fairy dust over the move. The mass market publisher has struggled for some time, now. . . . this a story about a genre mass-market publisher retreating rather than a bold digital initiative."

Read the rest at Dorchester: Digital, or Desperate?

It looks as if publishing has become a blood sport.

Nobody can predict what will happen in the next five years and any publishing house that manages to remain solvent, whether in print or by producing e-books will deserve respect.

I'm a great fan of vanity publishing. Marcel Proust was one who did not wait round for a lucrative contract before putting pen to paper.

You may enjoy the latest news that Mulholland Books has a new website and it looks set to be very entertaining indeed.


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