There's only four months until the end of the year--what are your writing goals to make sure you end the year on a productive note.

Here are mine:

1 & 2) Complete two Grace deHaviland novellas from start to finish; I'm anticipating them to be about 25,000 words each. Get them edited and published by November the latest.

3) Do a final edit on a short story I completed a while back. Get it edited and published. Due date October or November.

4) Complete the first draft of an urban fantasy novel I'm working on (15,000 words remaining, approximately), complete the revising and editing and get it to my editor and published by year's end.

5) Release my Amazon exclusive BLING, BLING to and the other available channels. End of September.

6) Re-format my three deHaviland novellas and a short story and publish it as a omnibus, novel-length collection for a November or December release.

How about you?

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You are busy, Patricia.

Good luck with it all.

Now finishing the first new Peter Surf novel in years to put out in October. Putting out a new edition of The Black Opera this month. This month put out a new cover for my gangster novel El Morocco. Between now and year's end will see if I finish a novella in the Superhero Action series or if it needs to cook longer. What I need is to write non-stop because that is an amazing drug.  

Sounds like everyone's got a full plate and working at getting it done. That's really cool. Good luck everyone.

Well, since I started this thread I guess it's only fair I report back how my progress has been.

So, here it is:

For item 1& 2) I wrote a novella outline by writing the entire story completely in script format (maybe you could call it a rough first draft - idk). It came to 19,300 words. Still need to write the novella in prose form; I'm guessing it will be 30k in length and figuring one or two more drafts to do that.

For item 3) Done -- THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT went on sale Sept. 11th

For item 4) I completed the first draft of the urban fantasy. THE STONE OF DESTINY. It's clocking in at 53,000 words, but I figure it will be 60-65k or more by the time I'm done. It's cooling now, waiting for me to finish the novella ahead of it first, then I'll be deep into the next draft/re-write.
For item 5) Done -- BLING, BLING was re-formated for Smashwords and and went on sale Sept. 26th

Item 6) Pending -- need to write the two novellas first. One novella and short story were done before September.

Oh, and I picked up an item 7 -- I am attending a six-week writing workshop online taught by writer Dean Wesley Smith. It started Oct. 2 and runs through the middle of November.

All in all, I'm pleased with my progress and how much I got done. How's everyone else doing on their writing goals? Three months and counting to the new year. Good luck.

Congrats.  That's really excellent, David.  May they all be successful.

Thanks, I.J.  Hope you're reaching your writing goals as well.

Working towards the end of my 4th novel, and plan to have it finished (1st draft) before the end of November. Then copious rounds of editing and re-writes. 

Good for you, Jen. Good luck with it.

Thanks for asking David. My third novel, FATAL eMPULSE should be released before Christmas. Editing my fourth novel. BROKEN ALLEGIANCE, with a release date goal early next Spring. Beginning research for  fifth novel, BLOOD QUANTUM, coming out late Summer 2013. In the meantime, gearing up to activate the articles and interviews on my two blogs, and TRY to get my web site finished before the end of this year.


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