J.A.Konrath/Barry Eisler on Justice Department, Author's Guild, and the conspiracies of the Big Six:

As an update to the impact of the Justice Department's suit on price-fixing by the publishers, read Konrath's latest blog at http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/, where he and Eisler take apart Scott Turow's pathetic appeal to all writers to work together in bringing down Amazon in order to protect writers like him.


On a personal note:  I'm still outraged at the way Author's Guild sold out authors in their attempt to stop Google's theft of their books.  Note:  Authors Guild doesn't represent authors.  It represents publishers (and the status quo).

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I draw the line at being my own masseur. Too weird.

And so pointless.  They have devices for that.

It seems that someone is (again) rearranging deck chairs on their very own Titanic. 

Well the last thing you want in a shipwreck scenario is a bunch of disarranged chairs barging around.

Well put. When the water reaches their foreheads they might start getting it.

I may just be thick, or maybe it was the page jump, but who is the "they" and "someone" here?


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