To those of you who blog, you might not have known where that blog would take you when you first started. Or maybe you're still right where you wanted to be. My blog( definitely has changed since I first started it. It began as my own blog about writing, then morphed into a author promotional blog with a focus on several genre's and now its expanding that morphology(is that a word?) into a blog where I can give specific attention to authors looking for extra promotion. I wasn't sure at all what would happen when I started blogging and to be honest, it was a little scary to see my work load increase but the benefits are huge. I am learning more about the marketing and promotion side of writing as well as getting to know some amazing writers. Plus I'm learning how to multi-task between my own writing and the support side of the writing world. As I help others, I'm helping myself to a stronger base for my future.
My advice to those of you who blog, if it changes, just dont' fight it, go along for the ride because you never know where it might take you.

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I realized about two years into a blog that it was allowing me to refine my thoughts, not just as part of the writing exercise, but in how I approached and thought of the topics day-to-day. My opinions on a lot of things became better informed, so I went wherever my interests took me. It didn;t matter that only a handful of people read it; I was benefitting.

I started another blog just for writing topics about a year ago, and it has served the same purpose. Working out ideas to be written down is a much more rigorous exercise than just thinking about them. At least it should be.
Hey, Karyne! Everyone, Karyne has really developed a terrific author spotlight blog. I've been fortunate enough to be spotlighted. Sunny Frazier put us together, and now Karyne and I are good friends. She's getting amazing attention -- sometimes good things happen to good people. Carolyn Hart asked me if I thought Karyne would feature her, and I guess Carolyn Hart has put Karyne together with Carolyn Haines.

Karyne, I'd say your advice is good for writing, too, and life.

I'm with you - blogging is turning out to be a marvellous adventure. I have no idea where it'll take me, but I've got high hopes for the future. Love the name of your blog, BTW - I'll check it out.

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I started the blog I'm on ( with 2 other writers last year because I knew I could write a post a week (or a day if I had to) on writing. Easy. And I wanted the blog to have a theme. But as it went, I realized that while I love connecting with other writers (and any of you who want to guest blog just let me know) but I also need to connect with readers. Not in an author promo way (I hate those kinds of blogs) but in a here's-what-I'm-reading-what-have-you-got-to-recommend way. I'm a reader and I like that stuff. I hang out at Goodreads and on several of the Yahoo mystery discussion groups because of it.
But somehow I haven't started that blog yet.
Thank you to elveryone for such great comments on my discussion. It certainly seems like alot of people are having good expereinces with blogging.
To be frank, it's the freedom of having a blog that appeals to me. I can say what I like, express any opinions or ideas I have, and people are free to read or not, as they see fit. I can't imagine how much freer the world would be right now if blogging had been a common pastime a hundred years ago. People used to keep their journals and dream that one day others would be able to peer into their souls and see the creativity there.

Now, presto, it's all out there for anyone to see! IN fact, this question inspires me to pay greater homage to my blog

Drop by -- I promise to post "fresh doin's" this weekend!


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