I have a book out doing fairly decently in online sales thru Barnes and Noble. And on Amazon as well. So I'm thinking--why not milk this new cash cow? Why not throw together some stories about the two characters which are in the book, stories I've written earlier, and make it an e-book reader? I own the stories, so I don't need to share royalties with anyone.

But which e-reader? The Nook is Barnes and Noble's entry. And its a cool critter. Two screens, the largest being the black and white reader--the smallest a color screen. The market for B&N is large--and the related book is doing well in that semi-captured market.

On the other hand, Amazon's Kindle is the proven war horse. And there is a huge market to tap into.

So which one should I pick?

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Why not both?

See what Joe has to say.
Yes, John--that's an idea as well. To be honest, I don't know if you comment to one you're stuck in their format. Or if there is any exclusivity clauses anywhere.
Have a look at JA Konrath's blog, he's giving all the details about putting his books out on every format.
My agent also seems to think that electronic versions should go to more than one reader. My preference is Kindle, simply because I have Amazon pages and they do a good job pointing readers to my other works.
I just think it's funny that B&N's product is call the Nook e-book reader. Get it? But then I'm basically twelve.
Tee hee!
Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only twelve year old who noticed the little play on words.
You're supposed to be reading in bed.
You can't put other books that aren't on Amazon on your Kindle, I like B.R.Stateham, am Trying to figure which to go with, Sony Reader is a good seller and takes everything, So I have heard. and it is selling fast because of the price, this Holiday season. You can’t even buy a Nook until after the 10th of Jan now they are sold out so maybe they are the best..
The market for ebooks is not yet huge, I'm afraid. I've got a book that's sold about 660 copies in the last four months at $1.99 on Kindle for which I get 35% (you do the paltry math) and that's enough to put the book in the top ten among all independently published mystery/thriller novels at its price point--and to outsell a number of backlist books by famous authors on Kindle offered at the same price. (Joe Konrath has at least half the books in this top ten. I really ought to try marketing like he does, but I don't have any expertise or much innate interest and rare posts like this one are as close as I've come to marketing. Oh, let's make it an official marketing effort then: here's the link to my book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HMCLFQ)

But ereading is the future. Sales of ereaders are expected to be double next year from what they were this year (which was 3 million), which was an explosion of its own over 2008. So when ebooks are 10% of the market in two years or so instead of 2-5% now (depending on who you ask), well maybe that's money not to be sniffed at.

Some info to consider as an indie author: Kindle has DRM and the only way to get on the Nook, I believe, if you are an indie author, is to go through Smashwords, which doesn't offer DRM. Smashwords will also get you on the Sony ereader and Canada's Shortcovers. You get a bit higher percentage of the sales from Smashwords than from Amazon when you sell for B&N's Nook or the Sony ereader or Shortcovers (even though Smashwords and their affiliates all take their cuts).
Congratulations on the sales rankings. That's excellent.
Thanks, Ingrid. The sales have been gratifying, considering the little pond I'm swimming in, and hearing from actual readers through the Amazon review system has been really cool too.


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