I have a book out doing fairly decently in online sales thru Barnes and Noble. And on Amazon as well. So I'm thinking--why not milk this new cash cow? Why not throw together some stories about the two characters which are in the book, stories I've written earlier, and make it an e-book reader? I own the stories, so I don't need to share royalties with anyone.

But which e-reader? The Nook is Barnes and Noble's entry. And its a cool critter. Two screens, the largest being the black and white reader--the smallest a color screen. The market for B&N is large--and the related book is doing well in that semi-captured market.

On the other hand, Amazon's Kindle is the proven war horse. And there is a huge market to tap into.

So which one should I pick?

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Here's a slightly crazy question: is there anywhere you can rent these ebook readers, try them out to see how you like them before plunking down the cash?


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