Does anyone here hang out in Second Life?

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I just can't get behind a game that requires that much commitment. I barely have enough time to get a good amount of reading in to my day, let alone all the writing I'm not doing.
I understand that! I just joined recently as research for the book I'm writing. It appears to me to require a tremendous amount of time in order to successfully hang out there. I keep hoping to find someone who's experienced who will let me hang with them for a short time--just long enough to write intelligently about it.

Second, I have enough problems negotiating all of the relationships in this life. Why would I want to add a whole alternate universe of relationships to contend with?
Hello, Anne. I saw your request after randomly surfing the net and not-so-randomly finding Crime Space. I have been a member of Second Life for four years now and would be more than willing to help you.

That said, I am certainly not the "typical" person you might find in Second Life. It's more a place I go only to understand what I feel is a nascent form of future interpersonal, social, and business relations. In fact, I've commented that 80% of the people in Second Life are in dire need of a good psychiatrist. I entered SL as a consultant for a major corporation wanting to know if they should invest in a presence there. My advice then was no. My advice now is an even stronger no.

To understand SL, I have had to experience much of it. But as I heard a person once remark, "SL is a great place to be bored." My own reply when people discover I am not there to live a fantasy life and then ask why I bother is, "Second Life is like a zoo. You go there to see what strange things the unusual animals will do next."

Please feel free to contact me in SL as ZenWarrior Fuosing. Just send me an IM and even if I'm not logged in, it will be forwarded to my e-mail account. We'll schedule a time to talk and explore a bit.
It's very confusing. Every time I'm on, the people laugh and immediately recognize me as a newbie. Last night I was told it was because of my hair and how I move!
So it's a huge time commitment, confusing to use and full of snarky users. It's amazing I'm not on there right now.
Actually, when people sign in they are offered an avatar, so I think that one effect is that others who thinkbout it or who are aware can tell by the avatar whether or not the other person is 'new'.  This can be good or bad, depending upon the situation I suppose.
I have an AI in the thriller novel I'm writing, so had to research Second Life because he likes hanging out there. It's pretty impressive, but as you-all say, seems to require an inordinate time commitment. I'll check in with my character and let him keep me up to date on it instead.
No, but as of a week or two ago it is relevant to me.  I did an article for a woman which caused me to be introduced to SL.  I got to the point of picking an avatar and trying tolean my way around a little bit.  If you still want to discuss this months later OK.  If not, I guess my timing is off.


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