Little, Brown & Co has a new imprint called Mulholland Books.  They're going to specilaize in any form of suspese/detective literature and its sub genres.  They're brand spanking new.  Take a look at'em here.

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I'm a former St. Martin's author and I can absolutely testify to the fact that they did nothing for me. In fact, I couldn't get them to set up a signing at a B&N. And B&N refused to let me have a signing unless the publisher okayed it. I blame SMP for the difficulties I've had ever since.
As a current St. Martin's Minotaur author, I can say the experience has been mixed. I think everything's based in expectations--they expected very little from my first two, and when things actually started to happen their response was flat-footed to nonexistent. That said, they did step up and fund my trip out to Cape Cod last summer when I was interviewed for NPR, so that was a good thing. I think they see my series as fundamentally problematic in a number of ways (I write about Cape Cod but live in the midwest, I have this crazy teaching job that keeps me from writing as fast as they'd like, etc.), so they've been very cautious about really getting behind the series--at the same time they seem interested in continuing for another book or two, which ain't nothing. Also my editor is very senior now, which has helped (but not as much as you'd think). In all, would I have preferred a big contract and lots of publicity and attention from my publisher? Sure. Do I think I deserve more money and attention than I'm getting? Who doesn't? Am I desperately unhappy with my current lot? Absolutely not, but I've always viewed crime writing as a facet of a larger writing career. If the next book is a big hit--great! If it disappears and SM/M doesn't want #4, fine--I can finally get to work on the academic comedy I've been mulling for about a year now.
Well, it's hovering around #1500 in books on Amazon, two weeks prior to publication--so they're likely to do okay initially, at least. That said, it doesn't sound like my cup of tea. That said, there's already an audiobooks edition, a very thought-out Amazon page, and copious pre-pub reviews--so clearly St. Martin's is behind the book (unlike my first, ARCS of which went out with erroneous flap copy which was then quoted in reviews, etc.). Good for the author, and I hope it all works out for everyone.
I think a new imprint for crime fiction is fantastic. Go Mulholland!


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