Hey everyone,
I did a story of Gary's on my CrimeWAV podcast and need to touch base with him about it. Some interesting business about it has come up. Does anyone here know how to reach him? He seems like he's not responding to either his email or his messages on this space.


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I'll try his blog. But I've left comments for him there already. Anyone actually know this guy?
The bloke's in Wales, I think. Not sure how much whitepages will help with that.
Found his blog, facebook, etc. Still can't get in touch with the guy.


Thanks for your suggestion!
Isn't he taking a week off right now? Maybe that's the problem.
OK, Gary.

Giving that a try. I'd like to get to the bottom of the reimbursement for the lost CrimeWAV H2 Zoom recorder that was last in your possession.

You can also feel free to contact me at seth@sethharwood.com



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