Hi, everybody.  I'm looking again for someone who will format for e-books for me. Prices seem to range widely in the ads from 30 to 250), and I need someone who is good and fast at this without breaking the bank.  I need to reformat a book and also get another book up for only foreign venues.  Neither is going to make me much money, so I'm trying to keep costs down.


Any help appreciated!

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Hi I. J.,

I can highly recommend Lucky Bat Books as far as quality of work goes and reliability. I have no idea what they would charge for your projects. Like most things, it's probably you get what you pay for.


Thanks, Jed.  I'll check them out. I think I've heard about them before.

I had success with e-Book Architects, thogh they were quite busy and turnaround took a while. That was a few years ago, so things may have mellowed out. They did excellent work and were good guys, too.

Thanks, Dana. Both of the suggested services sound like the cream of the crop, and prices run at the top also.  I used to use 52 Novels, also very good.  I had to give it up.  Their prices climbed into the 250 dollar range and the wait time exceeded a month.


The cheaper services have been adequate, though they require more checks and redos and I don't get little bonuses like dropcaps :). But my current needs are for something inexpensive.  Sigh.  I guess I'll struggle on, at $ 75.00 at the moment. I've learned in the process, and since I can supply a clean ms., so far this has worked.


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