Hello all. I run the myspace page for the Film Noir Foundation and I keep a rotating top 5 "recommended" list of books on there (since noir is not just for the movies) For next month I want to do independent or self-published authors and I need recommendations. I won't have time to read everything so if you really love something and think others should read it I'd love to know about it so I can pass it on. Not just your own books please:) I'm sure they're great but if they are then someone else will toot your horn so you don't have to.

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Check out the Old Coffee Website @ http://ccbooks.ning.com/group/AStudyinRed. This is Brian's page over there, but you can punch a few buttons and find the home page. It is chock full of reviews on current indie publishers and authors.
I just posted a few of these suggestions on the myspace page. Thanks again. I don't know if anyone actually follows through and buys any books but let's hope so.
Patricia Harrington, longtime MWA member in Seattle, WA, has some fun books featuring Bridget O'Hern Amateur Sleuth Series with her pet dog that I think are worth checking out. Thanks for letting me add my two cents. Dawn


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