...to crimespace after several years of only occasionally checking by to see what might catch my interest... I'm in the reading mood now, not promoting anything coming up soon for sale. "Foul Shot, a Wray Larrick Mystery" was mentioned once here last year when it came out, but I'm currently buying  books by authors other than leaders in the mystery and crime field, because I like to promote people like myself who spend a lot of their lives doing the stuff we do. I want to build a library of good writers still struggling, to pass along the word of their work--their books--and promote them to others, as I've done for a while, though I'm not sure how much good it's been. Feedback is hard to come by. Members here who're authors tend not to buy the work of others, but pump their own wares, like car dealers. And readers don't have much to offer in return, either. When I read a book, I will offer a private opinion of it to the author if invited to do so, good or bad, but never a bad rap in public. I'm brutally honest but always in a mutually helpful way...There are a couple folks here who've been at it for years, faithfully reading and reviewing. I don't have their stamina, but have to take breaks. I'm not asking for free books to review. I'll buy them when I can. And tell you what I think.

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