Any recommendations? I don't know where to look for modern ones. Let's say no earlier than the eighties up to now. Thanks.

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Will I get in trouble for recommending my book?

Do it on the Blog Post page.

Lawrence Block's Matthew Scudder series is fabulous.  He's not your usual private detective.  Robert Parker's Spenser series is good, a more traditional private detective.  Both of these series are very long, with some new (the latest Scudder came out last year.) 

Robert Crais, Sue Grafton, Laura Lippman, Loren D. Estleman...just to name a few more.

I second the Robert Crais suggestion, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike are the best.

For funny, you might want to try Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, technically she's a bounty hunter, but very funny.

For more hard boiled I'd also recommend Sean Chercover Big City, Bad Blood and Trigger City.

Happy reading.

Chercover is very good!

oh thanks guys. i'll look into those. by any chance are any of those funny PI books? 

stephen i'll look you up as well. ;) 

 you know, i would love to read a PI book that's got a Irvine Welsh bent to it. I wish he would write a crime series, lol. 

Declan Burke's Harry Rigby books might come close to that Irvine Welsh bent. Eightball Boogie and Slaughter's Hound. And, although it's set in the late 60s, Thomas Pynchon's, Inherent Vice came out a couple of years ago.


Dennis Lehane and Declan Hughes come to mind. Tim Hallinan's Junior bender is a PI of sorts--he's a burglar who works "cases" for underworld figures--and his books are quite funny.


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