More on Hardcover Sales Decreasing and Ebooks Rising!

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Yes, I saw this also. We're in a recession, and publishers are panicking. Or maybe it's the midlist authors who are panicking. I think we'll all have to grit our teeth for a year or so.
In the past two weeks I bought two new books just out in hardcover (Elmore Leonard's Djibouti and Keith Richards' Life) as e-books. The hardcovers were around thirty dollars and the e-books were ten.

I suppose last year the e-books would have come out at the same time as the paperbacks - a year after the hardcovers - and I would have either taken the books out of the library or waited a year and then maybe picked them but probably not. It's likely that by making these books available right away for ten bucks thay made a couple of sales they wouldn't otherwise have made.

In general, I feel that e-book buyers and hc-buyers are two different groups of people. Either way, it doesn't make sense for a publisher to demand one-year delays for e-books. The main sales for a new release are pretty well over within a month. (I say "demand" because I have the e-rights on my two most recent hcs.)
My new house has tons of bookshelves, something I would've killed for just two years ago, now with rare exceptions I buy digital and all that empty space will be filled with knick-knacks and photos, etc.


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