No comments from me, I'll let the video do all the talking.

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Funny, and so true for so many. I will say, the voices are horribly boring on this clip.
I second that, but I believe it's part of a video series and is intentional.
I expect you're right.
Xtranormal - it's a website where you can make your own movies - you pick the characters and the background and type in the dialogue and this is what you get. There are some funny ones floating around the internet, there's one like this about becoming a TV writer (the writer claims to not watch TV but knows everything on TV is crap).
That would explain the voice-over being completely mechanical.
hee hee hee. love this
The guy who made this clip is a friend of mine.  He made another called, "So you want to be a lawyer?" that went viral.  On the strength of these two videos (and his blog) he was contacted, and offered representation by, a top agent.  A neat story because he's a thriller writer who's been struggling alongside the rest of us for years trying to go the traditional route.
I'm not sure how to post it here but J. Robbert Lennon's 'how to write a best selling novel' on You Tube is brilliant. Please watch it, you won't regret it!!
could you post a link, I couldn't find it

Here you go Frank. 'How I Write My Novels.' J.Robert Lennon. V funny. V tongue in cheek.

Cheers I'll go take a look.

hee hee.

"Now write your book" best piece of advice

Why is it that the truth is so funny!?!


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