This has nothing to do with crime writing (unless there are crime fiction writers here who aspire to write upmarket commercial fiction like, well, me), but here's my latest writing-related endeavor: a week-long writers retreat in the Bahamas for advanced literary and upmarket commercial fiction writers, memoirists, and narrative non-fiction writers (published and unpublished).

My Backspace business partner and I were approached by a group with the Bahamian connection and asked to organize and run this retreat for them. It's a dirty job . . . I'll be going down next month for a site visit, and to meet with the hotel staff and the island's owner, sample a dolphin swim . . . it's a business trip, Mr. Tax Man - honest!

Salt Cay Writers Retreat

Seriously, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass the word along - we have some seriously amazing faculty members on board, like the editor for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and the person who published THE HELP. This is a terrific opportunity for the right authors -

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Aw, you can both come! One to wait on me from my right side, and one on my left!


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