Hi! I'm Sharon Austin, an aspiring writer. Mainly mysteries. I look forward to meeting everyone as I find my way around here.

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Welcome, Sharon!
Hi, Sharon--welcome!
We're all aspiring, Sharon. Welcome!
I'm aspiring to a cigar and a bourbon right about now.
Thanks for the warm welcome. :-)
Welcome, Sharon! Have you finished a book yet?
Hi Jude!

Yes, I've completed a couple of books. I'm sending out queries every month, and so far I have one full manuscript being read. Thanks for asking.

Welcome, Sharon. Apparently you're making progress. :)
I used the word aspiring because it sounds better than unpublished.

Thanks, everyone. It's nice to be here.
Welcome to Crimespace, Sharon. I was taught to use the term "pre-published." Has a nice, hopeful, ring to it.
Thanks, Dana. Pre-published does sound better. :)


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