Getting a book any kind of profile out there is next to impossible if you are not already well known, so I set about putting together something that I hope is original enough and well-enough executed to make a few people notice.

It is an illustrated extract from my novel Yin Yang Tattoo, illustrated in cartoon style and animated by a young Scottish artist Azlan Mckechnie. I chose the excerpt, edited it very slightly for narration purposes, and recorded the voice-over myself at the music studio of a friend, who then added background soundtrack music.

Now the challenge is to get the clip viewed by as many people as possible.

Any suggestions, critiques, comments, thought? All are welcome.

Here is the YouTube link.

ron mcmillan

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That's really nicely done, Ron. I like the idea of an illustrated sample of your writing instead of just a flashy teaser, and your voice is wonderful.

As for getting the word out about the clip, that's a challenge, all right. There's the obvious - facebook, twitter, etc., as well as your and your publisher's website.

If you're a member of the International Thriller Writers, you can add your clip to the members book trailers/video section on our newly redesigned website: And if you're not a member, it's easy enough to join! (no dues for qualified authors)

Good luck with the book.
Thanks Karen,

I will look into joining right now. In the meantime if anyone feels like sharing it on their own facebook pages or other sites with book connections, please feel free.

Thanks, too, to Stacy for the kind words. It's already on three Facebook pages that I control, and the number of hits on the clip are growing quickly.

I.J.: pull one's leg? It's a crime thriller that doesn't necessarily present everything in a simplistic a-b-c-d-e-f sequence of non-events!

Yes, nicely done, but it does rather pull one's leg.
This is wonderful, Ron! If you want as many folks to see it as possible, put this sucker on Facebook! Run it as many times as you want in a status or bulletin. Facebook is a wonderful way to get out promo info. That's how I spread the news about my reviews, interviews and news about my books. The best thing is that it doesn't take a lot of time. Just post something whenever you pop on and tons of folks will see it, not just the ones on your friends' list. You can also create an author group on there and hold discussions, etc.

I hated Facebook at first but now I really enjoy it. I socialize a tiny bit with author friends and folks I know but most times when I get on it's quickly and just to spread news. You put this on FB and believe me, folks will see it. Just don't spam, LOL!

Best Wishes!
Meanwhile, in case anyone is interested in an unusual short story-writing competition, Sandstone Press have announced one with a tattoo theme, which offers as the only prize one copy of Yin Yang Tattoo.

See here for details of the competition.

I'm sure that writers here will be well aware of the potential this provides to show off your writing skills to one of the most progressive independent publishers in Britain.

Ron McMillan


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