I have just written my first book.  Before this I was writing screenplays and magazine articles.

Here is some info on the book:

CRYPTIC by Conrad Luznar

Not the average serial killer story.

A duo of serial killers with brains.

A young man with three college degrees and a genius IQ teams up with an established serial killer.

˃˃˃ Can a serial killer also like anyone?

An established serial killer still has family values. He even has a favorite little daughter. But he is also capable of killing them.

˃˃˃ A story that includes love, family, some heavy historical events, a hint of the Supernatural, death and murder, and some good old solid human emotions.

While one of the killers is familiar with using a Ouija board to contact evil spirits, the other associates with some well known killers. The story includes family values, but also murder.

Available as Paperback …….. Kindle and Nook soon coming

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