I've posted about this book before but with the second in the series coming out in the next few weeks, I recommend anyone gets into this series...

I spotted this article in the mail online, if you've missed it have a read.


These guys deserve the accolade for certain, but how about this to beat it?  Midsomer Murders is seen by one billion people worldwide - yes one million, million! (yes, I'm an unashamed Midsomer fan and proud!) And one of the writers who got it under weigh - Douglas Watkinson - has just published a detective novel that will knock even Midsomer into a cocked hat.  I did actually meet the writer, which is how I got my hands on the first book - Haggard Hawk.

It's a classy, witty, English detective novel and if it doesn't get up there with Banks and Rebus, I don't know what will. Straight from the horses mouth I know there's a second book due out in June, 'Easy Prey'. A third in September, 'Scattered Remains'.

Get yourself a copy of the first one, because if the next two are as good as this, then the series is going to prove to be superb.

More as I find it crime fans.

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Hmm.  Good to know!  Thanks.

Thank you! Being a die hard Midsomer Murders fan as well I cannot wait to go and get this book!

I'll keep an eye out for it. I too enjoy watching midsomer esp the new main character.


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