Am starting up a new type of blog at  and would appreciate any input my fellow members feel free to contribute. Volunteers to paticipate will be welcomed with open arms. A merry Christmas to all of you.

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Looks like it's off to a great start, Jack. Thanks for the stories!
Thanks Richard so can I take it you are interested if we put a little more flesh on the characters and give a rough outline as to where we feel the story/stories are heading?
Best of luck with the new venture.
Thanks for the good wishes Terrence

I'll look into it...

Thanks for the invite.


Thank you for considering it Ronald

Interesting concept. I'll try to follow it. By the way, are you familiar with Protagonize ( It's a collaborative fiction writing site, multi-genre and open to all ages. It's an interesting place to visit. I tried some collaborative story-writing at one point in the past, with one other person. It was an interesting experience, although I had to extensively edit the other writer's portion to keep the story/dialogue/etc., consistent.


Let me know how your blog project progresses!



Thanks for the constructive note Margy but if you come on board you will not have to edit anything. That I promise. We have plans to probably/possibly convert the joint offerings into a book of short stories or novellas, as to sustain a novel length may be too much. We already have four writers but I would like to see more. The whole point is to advertise our differences so as to stimulate interest so if our styles are slightly different that is to be heralded.

The only problem that we forsee is in how much information to give out in advance: do we just give a list of characters with a loose description-the man, George was tall and prematurely gray for his age; the lady, Jane has such queer habits as feeding rats with bits from the table- or like this 'the police man in charge is quite young, his assistant likewise, their first interviewee is an old lady. And do we do it after each short authors offering or do we let the story run where it may? This sort of constructive advice we can live with and take on board.

However if you are interested but wish to reserve your commitment please see how it starts to progress and at anytime ask about joining in. We expect that more writers will be willing after seeing the outcome.

Let me have your email to if you would like to know where you could start in the story.


You're very welcome, Jack. I do have one additional suggestion. When I went to the blog, I was a bit confused by it. I think you need a page, or at least a paragraph at the top, that explains what the blog is and how people can participate.


In terms of initial structure, etc., you might want to think about creating some general categories and then starting everything off with a writing prompt of some kind. You can incorporate as much or as little detail as possible about characters and situations. I think the writing prompt should include some type of information about how the story will be structured. For example, Protagonize has a story thread called "The Protagonize Bus." I think that's what it's called. You're told that you've just boarded a bus and you're looking around at the other passengers. You take your cue about what to say next from what the most previous writer has said about their passenger. It's like a round robin and it gives a certain coherence to the narrative without sacrificing individual styles.


Anyway, that's just my blabbing. Keep in touch!

Sounds great, will talk to my partner about this and get back to you. A happy New Year.
Interesting blog, Jack. Signed up to follow. Look forward to reading the posts.
Please do so Mark, like all new ideas there have been and will be teething problems but we will sort them out and welcome all willing participants.


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