Hi All,

Don't know why but Amazon has decided to cancel their Author blogs section. I uploaded a blog the other day, the first since January and I got an email saying they are discontinuing their blog service but that you can put feeds up for blogs you have on other sites.

What's the point of that? I wonder why they decided to discontinue it but hey, just letting you guys know in case you hadn't heard.

Best Wishes!


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Yeah, August 15 is the last day for Author Central blogs. If anyone knows why they're doing this (it can't be cost-effectiveness; how much does a bog cost?), I'd love to know. Otherwise, like Manny Ramirez, it sounds like Amazon being Amazon.
Hi Richard,

Everyone agrees this is stupid! I think Amazon needs more bandwith or something, LOL! Maybe it's getting too expensive to have all that junk on their site so they're canceling the blogs. I don't understand why they'd take that feature away when it's the most important part of the Author program to me. It doesn't make sense just to add feeds from another blog because why worry about doing that when you can just stay at the other blog?

I won't be surprised if Amazon stops the Author thing altogether. Goodness, Ning is now charging people, now this? LOL! What next? Google and Yahoo gonna start charging to use their search engines?

Best Wishes!

Don't even SAY that! Don't give them any ideas.


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