This is one of those cases where the good has to suffer because some folks didn't know how to behave.


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I'm mystified. I thought tags were those terms that the book fits under and that would allow searches for that type of thing to bring up the book title.  As such, they are surely devised by the publisher or, if self-published, by the author.  How can readers/customers make up tages???
Thanks for the heads up, Stacy. One thing I didn't like about tags was they were censored. For example, I had a book available that I'd wanted to tag with "Nazis" given the Nazi party was part of the backstory, but the site blocked me from doing so.

Hi I.J,


On Amazon anyone can tag a book. The reader, author, publisher, etc. At the bottom of a book it has a place where you can tag the book with what you think best describes it. Back in the day this feature was used responsibly but now, it's gone to hell.  I think it's unfair because all authors shouldn't be punished just because some misbehave. Some think this might be temporary but we have ot wait and see.

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Well, they'll have to restrict it to one source.  My tags were devised by my editors.  When I self-publish, I'll devise the tags, but perhaps one shouldn't exceed a certain number.

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It was bound to happen, unfortunately. Google doesn't even take keywords on websites seriously anymore, either.
Seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Just let the person/company who posted the book tag it. No one else. How hard is that?
Only ebooks, though, and not hardcover or paperback? Why?

Hi Sullivan,


They say it's because Kindle authors were abusing the system. Apparently they were tagging other Kindle books (including those from commercial houses) to sabotage, etc. I think they weren't having the problem with print or either since most print books are from pubs maybe Amazon was afraid of messing with the tags for those books. Not sure but they were having a horrible problem with tagging in the Kindle author community.


I agree with Dana, they should punish the people who did this by deleting their accounts. They shouldn't punish everyone.


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I heard it was the people attacking ebooks priced higher than $9.99. No idea what the truth is.


I also heard that only people who've purchased a book can now tag it, also that the tags don't show up on the book pages but are nonetheless in the system

Guess what? The tags are back on the Kindle books. I was on Amazon and I saw them. So I guess for now the drama is over unless they disappear again. LOL!


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