Noir Nation Issue 1 is complete and has been sent to the layout design team in Prague (Butterflies & Hurricanes).  Due out September 1. 


Writers in this issue:

Tristan Davies (U.S.)

Scott Wolven (U.S.)

Paul D. Brazill (Poland)

Bonnie Barrow (U.S.)

Leah Chamberlain (U.S.)

Les Edgerton (U.S.)

R.F. Farrell (Canada)

Kevin Hardcastle (Canada)

Jean Charbonneau (Canada)

Stephen Gibson (U.S.)

Tim Gibson (U.S.)

Kevin Levites (U.S.)

Yewande Omotoso (Nigeria)

Gerald Heys (England, Czech Republic)

JJ Toner (Ireland)

Bianca Bellova (Czech Republic)

Cortright McMeel (U.S.)

J. Madison Davis (U.S.)

Alan Ward Thomas (U.S. Czech Republic)


Noir Forum

Noir Nation invited writers, editors, and consumers of crime fiction to address the following question: Must crime fiction have a moral point? These are their responses.

Melodie Campbell (Canada)

Wendy A. Reynolds (U.S.)

Ann Littlewood (U.S.)

Ann Cleeves (UK)

Linton Robinson (U.S.)

Joe Trigoboff (U.S.)

Christopher Cook (US, Czech Republic)

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Congrats on the progress.  Can't wait to see and read. 

Thanks, it's been a lot of work, and still a lot to do, but it's looking good.



Congratulations.  That looks very good.  And thanks for your note and invitation.  I'm afraid I don't have anything at the moment, but I loved being asked.

Noir Nation Issue 1 is available at:


Please let us know what you think.

Thank you,


I've been "away" a while working on marketing and stuff for Noir Nation.  


Has anyone had a chance to read Noir Nation No. 1 yet?  We could really use a few more "Likes" and reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  




If there are fellow Crimespacers who plan to buy a copy of Noir Nation No. 1, would it be too rude to ask zou to go ahead and do it?  We need a little boost to get things really going.  The initial buzz bumped us up pretty high in the Amazon rankings, but that has started to drop off again.


Also, we are actively looking for stories for Noir Nation No.2.  Would love to have some more Crimespace folk in the next issue, it's the least we could do to pay back for the community support!  Also we would love to hear what more (or less) you would like to see in the next issue. 


Get to writing!





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