Noir Nation wants to publish your responses to a question in the first issue.

OK, I hope I finally have this in the right place.  Schmoozing allowed here, right?


The discussion on the forum "What are some examples of crime literature that serve as deep social commentary?" got quite a lot of responses.  This has inspired us at Noir Nation to add a new section to the first issue of Noir Nation wherein writers opine on the following question: Must crime noir have a moral point?  The word limit is 300 to 500 words. Include short bio, and photo. There is a $25 honoraria, payable on publication. Best five get published in Issue No. 1. Send to -- Eddie Vega

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Probably not going to have time to submit, but I did post this on my blog and through facebook. I look forward to reading the first issue. Good luck!
Thanks, but if you could get 300-500 words, it could get you in the issue.  The $25 bucks would buy a couple new books.
Eddie, is the contest still open?  I'd like to give it a shot, but need to make sure it's still a go.  Thanks. 


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