Hi, everyone - here's a question for you:

What, in your opinion, would disqualify a story from being classified as "Noir?"

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Exactly - once something becomes "mainstream" it gets dulled and democratized.  That's why I asked the question.  Of course, I'm always for a fresh interpretation...

If the story sacrifices the emotion of its narrative for the sake of a "Hollywood" ending then I don't consider it noir. One of the things that make Chinatown and the Usual Suspects powerful examples of noir is that they were not afraid to admit that evil does sometimes win and happily ever after isn't the only way a story can end.

This is a very good question btw. Thanks for bringing it up.

@Gmal - you're welcome.  I love a good discussion and all of the replies have been really thoughtful and fun.

@Gamal - sorry, my keyboard keeps sticking today.

Agree with a lot here. Happy ending no, but spiritually satisfying yes.


I think a noir story that didnt have some kind of honesty to it would disqualify it. I mean honesty in the social scene it is portraying. I hate seeing stereo tyes portrayed.

Speaking of hybrids, has noir fantasy been mentioned?


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