Just curious about the reaction from you fellow CrimeSpace readers about the news that Microsoft and Nook will be linking up to make tablets.

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I suppose this was expected. B&N was making noise like it was going to sell off Nook. Guess it finally came. I just hope they keep supporting first-gen. I still really like mine.

It won't really have an impact on Brits - I can't even buy an ebook from B&N without a US bank account. Though I can run the software on my PC, if I remember correctly. However, will B&N ever really challenge Amazon and Kindle (Fire)? Do you have to have your book available from both outlets? If I can't get something from one store I'll try to get it from another ...

As an author, it's most important to be in as many places as possible (or reasonable, since there really are tons). I don't see BN being able to truly compete with Amazon if it can't reach the European market.

I think Microsoft's support is supposed to help B&N expand the Nook into international markets.

I take it that B&N isn't getting rid of Nook.  Their only hope is to expand their Internet marketplace and to sell books via Nook.  The stores will no longer be enough.


But I'm a firm Amazon supporter myself.

Microsoft may have just saved Barnes and Noble. Here's a link to the story:


Read in the paper today that BN stock jumped roughly 50%.

Good for them.  They really badly needed agency pricing to stay competitive with Amazon, and now that's being disrupted, this may be exactly what they need to keep going.

I like my Nook.


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