What software are you using? After my computer crashed in December, I've been using Word 2007, and it is driving me nuts. I hate it. It's just not set for novel writing.

What's out there that combines writing, easy formatting, inserting outside copy into your new copy, etc.


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Thanks heaps, Jesse

I've never heard of this one before. I'll check it out.
I use celtx for managing ideas and plots and characters. But I am open to trying something new. The last time I sent a manuscript away to an agent she wanted it in a pdf anyway, so in the end it didn't matter what program I used. Though another agent would only accept submissions in Word 2003. 2007 drives me a bit nuts too with the spacing, but you get used to it.
Word2007 still has an easy way to insert one document into another. It's 'hidden' under Insert Object. If you insert object from file, you can put the text of one doc into another. You can even link to the original file so that if you change the original file, it updates the document you inserted it into.

But, no, Word2007 does not write novels. Neither did WordPerfect or any other program. Writer's write novels. Once upon a time, authors wrote on typewriters... =)

But I'm a big Word2007 fan. It has so many functions and everything is nicely laid out on the ribbons so you can see all the commands. For folks who are set in their ways, it will be harder to make the adjustment from older version to Word2007's layout. It's like getting into an automatic transmission care after years of driving a stick shift-- I guarantee you'll 'clutch' the brake pedal once or three times along the way as you adjust to the new settings.
Word has been fine for me as well. I have to say, though, I've been using Liquid Story Binder for a few days now. I just started a new book and was 4 chapters in so I figured I could take a little time, port everything over, and see how it works. It is brilliant. Very customizable, the layout is great and yes, there's more to it than we likely need but to keep information and ideas organized it is great. No more little pieces of paper (I can never read my writing anyway). It's all in one spot now. Along with images, sounds, whatever. Thanks to whoever originally posted it. I'll be buying a serial for this one pronto.
I posted earlier that it had too many features, but I've since come around to it. I think Liquid Story Binder is going to be my go-to program now. Once you get acclimated to all the features it really opens up. The checklist and the outline are pretty good additions for me.
Somebody was raving about this today:


(Note - no personal experience / haven't had a chance to fiddle around and load it on my Linux flavour yet).
I use OpenOffice.org and once I've finished a book I save it as a Word doc and send it to my editors, who both use Word.



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