Yes, my friends, MTV - the people who bring you "The Real World" and "Jersey Shore" - have called Justin Beiber's new memoir (yes, I know he's only 16, but you know), a "major literary release."

I don't know...for some reason I've just been chuckling about that all morning.

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I will shamelessly quote you and say no more.... male equivalent of Hannah Montana on a number of levels
I know I'm speaking from ignorance, as I barely know anything about Beiber and I've never been accused of having a major literary release, but who over 21 would want to buy his memoirs? Do many people under 21 even buy major literary works? Like I said, I may be missing something, but it does appear to be a bit of a stretch - perhaps like those who claim hot dog eating contests are a major national sport.
Frankly and honestly, Bieber is a good enough singer I guess. I have no issues with his vocals, but he is clearly not my style (I'm a classic rocker plus hard alternative and punk rock - think Husker Du and you know where my tastes lie).

I saw an interview with him on TV on Oprah a few months back (I had the flu, that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and he seemed nice enough, but who knows if that's the "real" him.

Just as clearly, his book is not about having something meaningful to say, it is about making money, and tons of teens and pre-teens will buy it. And he'll continue to leave most of us wallowing in our poverty.
According to MTV it probably is. LOL! Could they even recognize the name of a real writer I wonder.

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