Apparently restaurant reviewers are a lot more temperamental than authors:

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The copy-editors' reply is pretty good:

And if you've not encountered Giles Coren before, he's famous for his invective. Here is his reply to another restaurant reviewer who mentioned him in a review:
Nice reply. The Giles Coren example below it is poorly written. That sort of takes the fun out of his earlier harangue.
Yeah. Right or not about copy editors, he did come on too strong, and this second post shows him to be a first class jerk. It also needed some copy editing.
Which writer was it who scrawled at the top of the copy editor's version of his typescript, Stet the whole damn thing?
:) My first encounter with a copy editor involved a deadline, some lousy colored pencils where the lead kept breaking (they never let you use red, because they have dibs on that), and in sheer despair, I ran out and had a stamp made: STET.


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