Anyone interested in improving there writing from craft to business to DIY self-publishing covers and formatting I wanted to let you all know about a series of online programs offered by best selling author Dean Wesley Smith. I've attended a number of his in person workshops out on the Oregon Coast and a couple of his online workshops. In a word they are amazing.

Anyone interested should check out his website here:

I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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I'm familiar with his site, which is interesting. I should add that his advice on how to price your books may err on the high side.

And Dean would be the first to say not everybody will (or should) agree with everything he says. Each writer and each writing career is different.

I have to admit I have my reservations about some of his pricing advice. While I have (and always have) priced my novels in the $4.99 to $6.99 range and agree with Dean there. I'm still a little unsure about pricing short stories under 10k at $2.99. Though I may up them to 1.99 to see what happens. :)

As for his workshops. Tons of good information to get exposed to and well worth learning craft and business and self-publishing stuff from him and Kris. Years and years of experience in publishing between the two of them.

I just lowered prices on most of my short stories. It had no impact on sales. One novel I lowered from 6.99 to 2.99. Sales increased a little, but considering that so far this month the book only sold 18 copies, I doubt the math will work out.

On the pricing, much depends on your subject matter and the size of your potential audience. If your audience is quite large, low pricing can do marvellous things for your ranking and drive more sales.

On Amazon I recently discovered someone writing in the genre called "Dinosaur Erotica." These are all short stories basically, but they appear to be selling like hotcakes at 2.99. It's a very niche market.

Dinosaur Erotica

I know this site is not about erotica. But I mentioned that to prove a point about pricing, which is what the market will bear.

I don't see impressive rankings for Dean's stories, but I understand he has a lot of them.

David is spot on about Dean. I've taken a few of his online classes and I can honestly say I've gotten much more out of them than all the in person seminars, I've taken through the years, put together. I'm taking his new Promotions course in October.

I also agree with the pricing comments. Dean encourages his students to take from his classes only what works for them. He is well aware that all writers and their situations are different. That said, I find 99 percent applicable to my needs.

He has a great teaching style and the classes are not only very helpful but downright enjoyable too.


Good to know, Jed.


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