If you've got a farncy e-reader, do you find you read faster or slower? Do you read more books now that you have one?


Everything I've heard is that this is the case. True, no?

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Faster and more, no doubt about it.
Add me to the faster and more list.
I'm told that ownership of a Kindle et al. causes people to upload a lot of stuff to read later. That should be good for writers.  :)
Interesting stuff. It's a weird economic effect when the consumer buys more but the price goes down. That's the digital world for you.
Not weird at all. Mass production.  The more you produce, the cheaper the item becomes.
I have an Amazon Kindle that I broke down and bought in December (reluctantly).  I'm actually surprised that I read faster and read more books.  In fact, I'm usually reading more than one book (novel, non-fiction, etc.) at a time.
I'm not sure. I use my Literati and I certainly don't read any slower than I do a printed book, but I'm not sure if I read any faster.

Now maybe we need to ask what this fast reading does for us in terms of retention, imagination, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and insight.


Reading is good for us.  Fast reading may not be good.

I have a Sony Reader. I read faster and more than I did before. It took me forever to read a print book. For some reason reading on an ereader makes me wanna continue reading until the end. I might not finish a book in one day but I finish it in probably a few days compared to a print book. With print, I'd put the book down for days or weeks then pick it up again whenever I thought about it. I can't explain it but I definitely get it more reading with an ereader.

Best Wishes!


I've had my Nook for two months. Earlier this evening I started Cold Wind, the new Joe Pickett novel by C.J. Box, in hard copy. I got to the bottom of the page and swiped it with my index finger. It came as a bit of a surprise when the page didn't budge.


That didn't take long.

Laughing out loud, Albert. That's a good one. Do you like the Nook, then? I've been looking at e-readers and have been leaning toward the Nook. Would you recommend it?

I definitely read more books and faster on my Amazon Kindle.  I also find that I finish many more of the books I buy on the Kindle, because you can download the full first couple of chapters for free before buying.


I was skeptical at first, but my wife bought me a Kindle when she got tired of the over filled bookshelves. It took me a day or two, but I got used to it and now cary it with me everywhere.  I take public transportation and I can stand up and hold on with one hand and read the kindle with the other, turning the "page" by a click of my thumb.  If you drive it will read you audio books.   It does have the draw back of not being able to loan a friend your favorite book, but that is about all I've found.  Books that I truly and deeply love, I will still by a hard back of to put on the shelf.  (Also, it sure cuts down on the amount of dust on the bookshelves.)


Full disclosure here, I'm in the e-publishing business, but that is because I liked the Kindle so much I got into it.  Noir Nation and Bare Knuckles Press are both e-publishers.


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