I would be very grateful for any input from authors here who have had some experience with getting a novel published print on demand and where the publisher took a percentage of the sales and turned out a good product. I'm prepared to supply cover designs.

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'Tis on its way.
you resemble patty o`donnel
LOL! Patty's braver, prettier, and a better horsewoman than I am.
I hate to be the drunken Hessian in his dirty hobnailed boots smashing delicate toes in a cat house, but let's get one thing straight; POD publishing is not vanity-publishing. Repeat--it is NOT vanity-publishing. It is a system of reproducing books in short run takes. And for every POD publisher who puts out a shitty product, there are POD publishers who put out quality material. Quality that makes them almost indistinguishable from off set press runs.

Professional artists, editors, readers, and the desire to show some TLC to the productions of their books, are not the sole venues of snobby 'quality' publishers. There is 'quality' around if you care to look for it.

And just for the record about Americans disliking non-American venues in their reading. I mention Lindsay Davis (ancient Rome), John Maddox Roberts (ancient Rome), and would throw in most of the Bourne novels by Robert Ludlum (they're situated in just about every country in the except the US). I'm sure there must be other authors.
Lindsay Davis is published in the UK and also has an American publisher. For some reason that doesn't work the other way around. Also, the interest of American readers of historical novels is very much focused on the European Middle Ages and Ancient Rome, and not so much on early Japan.

POD publishing covers the gamut from vanity to co-pay and royalty-paying publishers. They also run the gamut in quality. The downside of POD is no bookstore distribution and a higher price. At least, that's what I have been told.

My interest was in getting a trilogy on Kindle, via a POD publisher. I don't really want to wait around for a year or more to get to that point. Kindle may be no more by then. And for that I'll rely on my own editing.
Amazon allows individual authors to put their own content on Kindle. Just be sure to read the contract before you sign it.
Yes, I know. Thanks Pepper. I'd like a cover, though. My agent thinks POD plus electronic.


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