I was photographed for the autumn version of SOUTH magazine. The end result was a very scary-looking James. I tried smiling but it only made me look even scarier.

Having spoken to many different authors about the social obligations that form part of the author's vocation, the feedback was unanimous: we hate the limelight. Well, surely not all authors but most of us.

I believe the reason for this is because most of our interaction takes place with fictional characters who understands us. There is no real solution to this. We simply prefer to be behind a computer screen or in the back of a coffee shop studying the other patrons.

If indeed I form part of the minority then I stand corrected. Other authors, dovyou like the limelight? And to all the readers, do you like seeing pictures of the authors you read?

James Fouche

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Unfortunately, my characters don't understand me at all - they all think I'm nuts ;)

As for the limelight - I love the attention focused on my books, but in this day and age we definitely have to become comfortable if the spotlight switches to us. We live in a People magazine, Reality TV age - the more famous you are, the more books you'll sell.

Which is why I'm rounding up a gang of authors to go on a west coast crime spree that'll make Bonnie & Clyde blush ;)

I absolutely hate publicity that involves personal appearances, photos, or live phone calls.  I do like e-mails and anything that's done electronically.  I answer all my fan mail, sometimes repeatedly for weeks.


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