If anyone on CrimeSpace picks up the new Nook e-ink Touch (not the first-gen or the color), please post your review here. I'm deathly curious about these things:


• Is the high clarity pearl e-ink negated by the layer of touch screen technology over the top? In other words, does the touch screen make the text fuzzy?


• Do you always have to use the touch screen or are there buttons to turn pages?


• If you've used the other Nooks, is it a step up or down?


• Why did Barnes & Noble introduce this at $139 when its first-gen Nook is $149? That just doesn't seem right.


Full disclosure, I'm a Nook fan myself. I got the first-gen one with the LCD touchscreen last week. Yep, right before the new one came out. But I think I would've gone with the first-gen one anyway.

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This post may have been premature. But if someone does get one, I'd still like to know.


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